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The most expensive trip in Spain by car, luxury taxi and chauffeur service

Hi, I’m Rixar García. People usually know about me because I am the first taxi driver who offers services using social media networks. However, there are many other things in my life which are more interesting, I guess.

Years ago I came up with a new approach to taxi services. Since 2009, I have worked with more than two hundred customers who needed touristic routes most of them in Asturias (so I decided to study about the culture and folklore of my region and my country) and other special trips. 

I have travelled in many opportunities across the center of Spain; then Portugal, (Oporto, Lisboa, Fátima); the south of France (Pau, Lourdes, Atlantic Pyrenees, Biarritz etc.). In addition, one of the most remarkable trips I have made is the one across USA, (not coast to coast as usual) it was a big round trip (New york city, Philadelphia, Washington, the Niagara Falls, Boston, Montreal, Chicago, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, San Francisco, Cabrillo Highway, Las Vegas, Colorado Canyon, Arizona, Panama City, New Orleans, Virginia, South and North Carolina, New Jersey ,NYC). I covered 9,000 miles and taken or at least experienced 9,000 pictures. A trip like this -which lasted 42 days- is a dream come true; it was my dream.

At this point in time, I want to help people to design and make their dreams come true. Perhaps it is someone like you. I dream of providing exclusive luxurious services to my potential customers. Every trip is personalized using my expertise and knowledge of the countries.

-Luxurious cars (Rolls Royce Ghost 2012)
-Professional guides and translators (Russian, Chinese, French or English)
-A professional Chauffeur
I´ll give information about:
-The most beautiful and exclusive hotels in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy…
-The best restaurants of every place (or if you prefer, the most expensive ones)
-This trip is based on a 30% gastronomy experience
- If it is necessary we can include professional security guards, bodyguards, etc.). Trust me, I can offer the most luxurious service you can imagine.

My experience with clients from Japan, USA and Australia has always been a great experience for me as well as a wonderful and unforgettable holiday for them.

15 days Rolls Roice Ghost + chauffer + guide is about 70,000€ plus taxes.
If you require other kind of cars or a different taxi we can offer them too (price ten days in a regular taxi is about 3.500€) please for further information send me an e-mail to

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